Our customers have said great things about  us.  We thought you would like to share in some of the success stories from our clients.

Radia-Guard AneCream

AneCream is very effective and I would highly recommend it.

- L.S., New York

I bought RadiaGuard lotion for a friend. She took it to her doctor prior to starting treatments & he encouraged her to use it. He said it was the best product on the market.

- E.L., Texas

Just want to tell you that I used your Radiation Treatment Lotion during my radiation and I found it to be very helpful and healing. At a recent check up visit to my surgeon, he commented on the great condition of my skin. I have you to thank for that.

- J.C.S., Georgia

We switched to AneCream to use as our 4% lidocaine cream about a year ago and it has saved our hospital lots of money. We are very happy with the service too.

- K.A., Seattle WA

We are very glad that Focus Health Group introduced us to AneCream. AneCream is basically a less expensive alternative to what we were using as our 4% lidocaine cream with our pediatric patients for numbing. By switching to AneCream we have been able to save our hospital money and our nurses, pharmacy staff and patients are very happy. The people at Focus are so easy to work with and do a great job of communicating.

- K.B., Los Angeles CA

The RadiaGuard lotion arrived this morning. Thank you so much! The sample the hospital gave me just ran out. Your product is just wonderful; it is the only thing that gives me any relief for the radiation burns on my neck. Thank you again.

- B.W., Arizona

I am finally done with radiation and wanted to tell you that I know for sure I wouldn't have gotten through radiation treatments without RadiaGuard … it truly is a miracle product. I found the addition of the lidocaine was crucial to keeping the pain at bay - I only wonder why all doctors don't recommend it for the duration of the treatment.

- J.S., Oregon

Focus Health Group is a very well educated professional group of people that have been a tremendous help to us. We have had numerous needs for market analysis and research into different geographies and Focus has provided us with excellent services that have led to growth opportunities for our company and new insights into other business venues. Their follow up is phenomenal and we would definitely ask for their assistance again.

- O.M.L., Portland OR

I love the Radia-Guard Restructure Cream. It is wonderful for my face. It tightens my skin, is moisturizing and makes me feel fresh

- F.G., California

My neck did so well using the RadiaGuard Treatment Lotion. It hardly turned red and didn't even peel. I'm so blessed the nurses told me about RadiaGuard.

- D.G., Louisiana

I used AneCream on my husband’s shingles and it has been a life saver. It is a soothing remedy and it should be a part of everyone’s medicine cabinet. AneCream is easy to use, is effective and promotes healing.

- M.S.C., Jackson, MS

Focus Health Group did an outstanding job of getting us the information we asked them to research for us. They provided a very thorough, detailed and comprehensive report that we could not have found without their expertise and insight.

- N.C.H.S., Loma Linda, CA