What is AneCream5? AneCream5 is a topical cream that contains 5% lidocaine.  The formulation is strong and fast-acting in providing temporary relief of pain, itching and discomfort due to anorectal disorders.

How does AneCream5 work?
Lidocaine causes a temporary loss of feeling in the skin and surrounding tissues. Following AneCream5 application you may notice a slight cooling sensation, followed by an increased feeling of numbness in areas where applied. 

AneCreamHow is AneCream5 supplied? 
AneCream5 is available in the following:

  • 30 gram tubes
  • 15 gram tubes

AneCream5 is available over-the-counter and can be ordered by your local pharmacy if they do not have it in stock.  They will usually receive it by the next day.  AneCream5 can also be ordered direct by calling 800-249-1972 or by the clicking the “Buy Now” link. 

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