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What is AneCream?  AneCream is the brand name for a topical cream that contains 4% lidocaine. The lidocaine in AneCream can relieve pain caused by minor cuts, burns, scrapes, abrasions and skin irritations, sunburn and insect bites. AneCream is available over-the-counter.

How does AneCream work?
Lidocaine causes a temporary loss of feeling in the skin and surrounding tissues. Following AneCream application you may notice a slight cooling sensation, followed by an increased feeling of numbness in areas where applied. 

AneCreamHow is AneCream supplied? 
AneCream is available in the following:

  • 30 gram tubes
  • 15 gram tubes
  • 5 gram tubes
  • AneCream Kit (available for hospital purchase and use only)

AneCream is available through most wholesalers, and the tubes are also available through many pharmacies as well as directly through this web site. 

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please contact us at 800-249-1972 or

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We switched to AneCream to use as our 4% lidocaine cream about a year ago and it has saved our hospital lots of money. We are very happy with the service too.

- K.A., Seattle WA

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